Llamado a presentar artículos: Edición Especial de JIME sobre Educación Abierta en América Latina

Llamado a presentar artículos: Edición Especial sobre Educación Abierta en América Latina
Se invita a enviar artículos a la Convocatoria para la Edición Especial sobre Educación Abierta en América Latina del Journal of Interactive Media in Education 
Call for papers – Special collection: Open Education in Latin America
Last April representatives from 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in São Paulo to discuss the recommendations that would be put forward to the 2nd World OER Congress in relation to mainstreaming OER to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal on Quality Education. During the discussions that preceded these recommendations, it was noted that countries in Latin America are still in the early stages of adopting OER. This delayed uptake was firstly attributed to the lack of visibility of existing open education initiatives in the region.
In this Special Collection the co-editors seek to highlight issues and challenges emerging from the effective implementation of OER policies, initiatives and projects in Latin America; and showcase research on the process of adoption and impact of the use of OER in educational settings in the region.
We invite contributions to JIME, for a special collection issue on open education in Latin America. Submissions to JIME should have a clear educational focus or application, and should illuminate the special contribution that digital media can make to learners’ knowledge, understanding or skill. Submissions are expected to advance knowledge in the field in some way, by developing theory, or critiquing existing work, or providing an analysis or framework for understanding empirical findings.
Different kinds of submissions will be judged by different criteria. Ideally, we are looking for integrated submissions that present the theoretical basis for a technology, its design process and implementation, its evaluation, and theoretical implications. However, one or more of these aspects may form the basis for a submission.
For this issue on Open Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, themes include but are not limited to:
  • Financing models for the effective implementation of OER policies and practices
  • Strategies for the adoption and sustainability of OER
  • Challenges for mainstreaming OER/OEP
  • Innovative technologies that promote and sustain OER/OEP
  • Overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers
  • Open pedagogy and approaches to teaching and learning based on openness.
Contributors should take account of JIME’s guidelines for submissions.
March 17th 2018: manuscripts due
Summer 2018: issue published
The co-editors will be:
Tel Amiel (tamiel@unicamp.br)
Beatriz de los Arcos (b.de-los-arcos@open.ac.uk)
Ismar Frango (ismar.silveira@mackenzie.br) and
Virginia Rodés (virginia.rodes@cse.edu.uy)